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Air conditioners are split

We need air conditioners that are split in our homes, and we cannot dispense with them, especially in hot weather in the summer, which has come to dominate the entire Arab region, and to prevent confusion about looking for a good split air conditioner and obtaining maintenance from specialized personnel, we present to you our article.
Split air conditioners: –
It consists of two pieces, the condenser piece which is located in the open air, and the other piece which is the air conditioner for the place, and the two pieces are connected to each other through gas pipes, and it is characterized by not making an annoying sound like window air conditioning, and its electricity consumption is much less than the window, It is easy to install and maintain, and can be easily disassembled.
Air condition maintenance: –
Air conditioners are exposed to some problems if regular maintenance is done for them, so it could be that a damage occurred to the fuse causing hot air to exit from the split air conditioner, but you can rely on us in the matter of maintaining it, cleaning it, supplying it with original spare parts, and ensuring its return as it was, we are specialized individuals In the matter of split air conditioner maintenance, at great prices, please do not hesitate to turn to us.