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Repair Child Water Air Conditioners

Child Water Air Conditioners

There is a type of air conditioner called Child Water Air Conditioner, which is equipped with a chilled-water system, and it is a system in which the air is cooled by a medium, which is water. In the article, we will talk about this type, its importance, and the importance of doing maintenance for it.
Child Water Air Conditioners: –
Water conditioners are used in buildings that have a large size, such as hospitals and hotels, instead of using refrigeration by Freon gas, which is not suitable for these long distances that are between pressure units and internal cold air distribution units, and it is installed above the building, and the temperature reaches The water in it reaches 7 degrees Celsius, and the water is transported through pipes to internal distribution units, and the water is cooled by Freon, and then the cold water cools the air.
Maintenance and installation: –
We have experience in installing Child Water air conditioners with precision, and we do maintenance and repair when it is exposed to some problems, including failure to cool completely, and failure of the Freon pipes, or water cooling units, so with us you will be able to get good maintenance at fantastic prices.