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Repair Duct split air conditioners

Duct split air conditioners

Duct split air conditioners are the most prevalent in the current period, as many owners are keen to install this type of air conditioner, and it is called the hidden air conditioner, as it gives an aesthetic view of the facade of homes and buildings, or the facades of companies.
Duct Split Air Conditioners: –
It is characterized by the fact that it consumes less electricity than the central air conditioner, and the costs of establishing the buildings are much less than the central installation, which is composed of two pieces, an external unit that is usually outside the building on the roof, and the internal unit is in the building which is the fan, and it is installed hidden inside borrowed ceilings, far from the point Distribution, and it is connected to the distribution points by means of ducts or air ducts, and it is characterized by quietness compared to the normal split air conditioner, due to the distance of the fan from the room to be cooled.
Maintenance: –
In order to get the best cooling from Duct Split air conditioners, it must be obtained with the required maintenance, we maintain this type of air conditioner at reasonable prices for everyone, and we also install it in villas, residential towers, and companies, and we do the necessary cleaning work for it, we have personnel specialized in that Command.