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Repair Package air conditioners

Package air conditioners

We hear a lot about package air conditioners, or air conditioners that operate with a combined or integrated central air conditioning system, we will talk about it, its components, and its maintenance required for it to work in a good and safe system.
Package Air Conditioners: –
It is a high-capacity air conditioning unit, which is a large piece, which includes all the components of the air conditioner, including condenser, fans, and refrigeration circuit complements, and is placed in a place that is well ventilated, because it emits heat when operating, and the air is transported through air channels Inside the space to be adapted, it is characterized by its high cooling capacity, reaching 80 tons of refrigeration, and there is no sound from it at all, due to the isolation of the main unit completely from the internal spaces of the building.
Maintenance: –
Securing the air conditioner and disconnecting the electricity from it is the first thing that is done when doing maintenance work, we do our work very carefully, we are keen on safety matters, as well as cleaning matters for filters on a monthly basis, we have all the tools for maintenance and cleaning of the device, we check the fan motor, and we replace all Damaged parts, at prices that suit everyone.